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Ecological Counselling
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Garden fires


  • Police has been reporting an increase in garden fires.
    Only branch fires are allowed more than 100 meters far from houses.

  • It is strictly forbidden to burn plastics, kitchen waste, papers and cardboards … over the whole Belgian territory.

  • Should you notice non-complying garden fires you can call Mr Patrick VANSPOUWEN at the 0494/ 514 019.

  • Below you can read an article taken from the Vif-L'Express, September 9th 2001, to get aware of the risks related to those burnings:

    "Schizophrenics in the garden"

    "A match. Just a little match and an old barrel at the bottom of the garden. More and more households are obviously using this system to get rid of rubbish on the sly and to avoid charged trash bins this way. A forbidden practice, of course. Incinerated in such bad conditions, usual materials suh as solvents (contained in paper ink) orchlorinated plastics (like PVC) émettent des quantités importantes de dioxines. Example: about twenty househoulds disposing of their dustbins this way are thought to produce as much dioxin as a modern incinerator treating 200 tonnes a day. Multiply them by the number of illegal fires and add the incinerations at the end of the day on building sites, where people often burn anything in a can?What’s the risk?A dioxine ingestion from kitchen garden harvest. Do you need any more evidence ? A recent survey carried out by the Ulg has proved that people living next to rural incinerators had some more contamined blood than people living next to an urban incinerator. Work that one out for yourself…
    Question :Could it be that those who boycotted meat during the 1999 dioxine crisis and those who are now carelessly contaminating their own food - or their neighbours’ food –  are the same people?"
    Ph. L. 

Contact : 0494/ 514 012.

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