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Administration Communale (Municipal Administration)
Rue des Ecoles, 50
B-6990 Hotton
Office 5 on the ground floor

Person in charge : Monsieur Richard BOURCY

Tél. : 084/ 36 00 14
Fax : 084/ 46 75 77
Opening hours : Mondays – Thursdays, 8 a. m. – noon and 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. ; closed on Friday afternoons.


  • Passport requests, driving license delivery, criminal records excerpt (replacing character reference).
  • Change of address on registration certificates (free).
  • Providing and stamping « C3 part-time job »forms.
  • To check or lock yourself your identity card, your resident permit or your passport (with an embedded chipset), stolen or lost, via the Internet (free, twenty four seven) : cliquer ici  (click here)
    or dial the free number 00800 2123 2123 and lock it.
    This department only allows you to lock Belgian identity documents.
    If you cannot call to 00800 2123 2123, then dial +32 2 518 2123.


  • Criminal records except (replacing character reference):
    Go to the Municipal Administration ;
    Call the department or send an email by clicking on the address below
    (for free requests).
  • Driving license and temporary driving license - Tarif permis de conduire Driving license fees)
  • « C3 part-time job » form - Go to the Municipal Administration.
    N.B.: Since December 15th, 2005, unemployed people haven’t been obliged to check in with the unemployment bureau anymore but have still had to fill in their scorecards (blue, green or grey). Municipal administrations are not allowed to issue scorecards anymore. Address yourself to trade unions or the CAPAC.
    If you want to learn more about it, browse the ONEM website (“Nouveau” section).


Should anyone – even children at an early age - go abroad (outside the European Union), they have to own a passport. Obtain the brochure below from the Municipal Administration.
Information on passports on the following website: - Tarif passeports (Passport fees)

What do you have to do?

Go personally to the Administrative Police Department at least 8 – 15 days before your going abroad. 

New passport: Since late 2004 all the issued passports have been optical reading passports and have been embedded with a chipset.  They all remain valid for 5 years and they can’t be renewed. Beware: you can’t lengthen the validity period of former passports anymore.
Practical details: take your identity card, your former passport, if need be, and two colour identity photos (on a white background, full-face, uncovered face, no computer printing).


Normal procedure: passports issued within 5 workdays


Exceptional procedures: should you forget your passport or have to leave hurriedly, you can obtain a passport more quickly. Passports issued within one workday.


Child passport: since September 1st, 1999, an individual passport has been compulsory for children of all ages, especially if the destination country requires it.
Passports issued within the same time period as for adult passports.


Pour plus d'informations sur les voyages et la santé To get more travel and health information, check the le tableau des vaccinations (table of vaccinations)...


  • To know how to get a new temporary driving license, cliquez ici pour voir un schéma (click here to see a diagram) or get the brochure which is at your disposal at the Municipal Administration (see below) ;
  • DRIVER LICENSE EXAMINATION CENTRE: make an appointment to sit the practical exam at the examination centre in Marche: dial 087/572 030 (make sure that you have your temporary driving license before your eyes);
  • Information on the following websites: , the site officiel du SPF (SPF official website)(menu Route)(« route » section) or browse the Goca  website;  Goca  website ; Tarif des examens  (Examination fees)
  • Tarif permis de   conduire  (Driving license fees)
  • Lost documents: address yourself to the  Police locale  or to the Police station located where you lost the document.
  • Driving license B training:
    Theoretical lessons : possible trainings in the EPN de Hotton (Hotton ENP’s) : Clair et Net (se renseigner) (get information)
    (computers and training CD-ROMs)
    Practical lessons : browse the  DAMIER  website.


Go to your insurance broker in order to ask for a new registration plate and/or certificate.  Cliquer ici pour trouver l'adresse d'une compagnie d'assurances (Click here to get the address of an insurance company)
Then enter the keyword « webdiv » in the “Recherche” field and finally press Enter.


Your health, your documents, consular assistance...
Free – Order via the email address above

  • Brochure "Passeport Questions santé" (Brochure « Passport – Health matters »)
    On the website of this non-profit-making body, click on the picture above on the left side to download this brochure.

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