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Police and Security
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Local Police


 Local Police within the Famenne-Ardenne Police Zone (5300)
(Direction : Rue ND de Grâce, 105, 6900 Marche)

The zone de police police zone covers the following municipalities : Durbuy, Erezée, Gouvy, Hotton, Houffalize,
La Roche, Manhay, Marche, Nassogne, Rendeux, Tenneville and Vielsalm.

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Numéros d'appels d'urgence

  • The Police keep a weather eye out... Do you live in HOTTON?

Before you go on holiday or on a business trip, the police department can provide you with a home security surveillance system in case you leave your home or your apartment vacant.
You can fill in the" Surveillance request" form (available at the Police Department office or use the download-link below) or go directly to the police station to make your intentions known.

Formulaire Demande de surveillance « Surveillance request » form (menu Vos questions/Protéger.../En cas d'absence) (Your questions/Protecting…/ In case of absence Menu)
Prévention contre le cambriolage Burglary prevention

...Envie d'en savoir plus ? Do you want to learn more about it?

  • Offices:

Rue des Ecoles, 46 (rue des Vergers front door)

Tél. : 084/ 37 02 90
Fax : 084/ 37 02 99

Duty hours:

Mondays, woensday, friday : 8 a.m. – noon
Out of duty hours: dial 101

  • Community care:

3 neighbourhood agents :

 ~ PONCIN Roger (Police inspector) for the Hotton village.
 ~ FRASELLE Georges (Police inspector) for the following villages: Bourdon, Marenne, Menil, Hampteau and Bourdon.
 ~ DURIEUX Alain (Police inspector) for the following villages: Melreux, Monville, Fronville, Deulin, Monteuville and Ny.

  • Service interventions :

 ~ DESSEILLE Francis : Chief Police Inspector, police station head.
 ~ PIRSON Xavier : Chief Police Inspector.
 ~ LAVAL Yves, VANDEN KIEBOM Gilles, BOUCHAT Olivier : Police inspectors


  • Certificate of loss or theft of identity documents; you can also dial 02/518 21 17
  • Certificate of loss or theft of vehicle documents (driving license, ...)
  • Statement...
  • General police regulations: this document is available on the  site de la zone de police Famenne-Ardenne  Famenne-Ardenne police zone website.
  • Press charges online: insert your identity card (or use your token) and fill in the online form by  cliquant ici  clicking here.
  • To check or to lock your identity card, your residence permit or your passport (with an embedded chipset), stolen or lost, via the Internet (free, twenty four seven) :  cliquer ici  click here or call the free phone number 00800 2123 2123 and lock it.
    This service only allows you to lock Belgian identity documents.
    If you cannot reach the 00800 2123 2123, dial +32 2 518 2123.

For neighborhood problems, illegal waste dump..., contact the  agent constatateur  “record officer”
For your driving license, your passport, check out the " Police administrative  " (“Administrative Police”) department in the Municipal Services section.

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