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Public works under way
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Draining works in general


Société Publique de Gestion de l'Eau (SPGE)
Rue Laoureux, 46 à 4800 Verviers

Executive commissioner Association Intercommunale pour la Valorisation de l'Eau (AIVE)
Drèves de l'Arc-en-Ciel, 98 à 6700 Arlon
Purchaser Association momentanée Mathieu - Magerat - Lambert
Engineering department BCT - Quai de la Boverie, 25 à 4000 LIÈGE
Total cost for public works not including VAT 5.310.489,32 €
Public works at the expenses of the SPGE 3.845.451,20 €
Public works at the expenses of the municipality 1.465.038,12 €

A unitary draining system has been selected – a single sewer pipe for wastewater and streaming water – and the whole drainage network will be gravitational in spite of an adverse topology (quite plain relief).

New sewer pipes will be set up in the following streets:

Ourthe right-bank:   Ourthe left-bank:  
rue des Ecoles: 1100 m Church bathing zone : 250 m
rue du Levant: 1100 m rue du Batty: 300 m
rue Haute: 700 m rue Emile Parfonry: 350 m
rue de la Jonction: 500 m route de Marche: 700 m
rue Rouge-Croix: 500 m rue des Sarts: 150 m
rue Saint-Roch 550 m rue Simon: 450 m
rue de la Vallée: 600 m chemin de Bondezaie: 350 m
rue Neuve: 200 m rue du Parc: 200 m
rue des Fonzays: 700 m    
rue de la Gare: 100 m    

The installation of wastewater drains tanks rounds off the project. Those drains contain all the outlets that drive wastewater to the sewage treatment plant.

The drain project makes provision of the construction of two discharge chambers as well as the installation of 2 350 mct gravitational drains.

Good to know :

  • Flyers, municipal reports or local press will keep on inform you about draining work progress[1] (street by street)
  • You can consult all the draining plans at the Municipal Administration ;
  • Good communication is the key to successful workings
  • We suggest you should regularly vist the "égouttage en cours" « draining works under way » page that will be continuously updated according to work progress ;
  • Also consult "FAQ" (Frequently asked questions) ;
  • For any further information about these works, contact us :

[1] For information only. Work progress can change the content or the schedule.

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