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Filing a petition
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Filing a petition

How to file a petition to the CPAS (Public Centre for Community Action)?

Has your family situation become so unbearable that you are planning to leave your parents’ domicile?
Are you not entitled to some social benefits (unemployment, disability, supplementary health care)?
Don’t you have enough means to live with dignity?

Hera are some difficulties you might explain to the Centre Public d'Action Sociale (Public Center for Community Action) in order to get financial aid.

  • Where can you go?

You will get help from the CPAS (Public Center for Community Action) in the municipality where you usually reside.
Homeless people have to address themselves to the CPAS (Public Center for Community Action) in the municipality where they most regularly live.

  • What financial aid can you get?

The right to social integration by a job or social integration income allocation (=RIS), with or without an individualized social integration project (job search assistance, studies or trainings, social integration project). This project is compulsory for the under 25s, students, people undergoing a training or workers.

Social assistance can result in periodic or occasional financial aid, a cash advance for welfare payments (to be paid back), service provision (home meals), assistance in kind (food parcels, school material, medical assistance...), financial guidance, financial aid for students,...

  • Under what conditions?

To benefit from social integration allowances, you need to:

- Reside regularly and permanently in Belgium.
- Be of age or an emancipated major, be pregnant or have dependent children.
- Either have Belgian nationality or be registered as a foreigner in the Municipal Population Registry (not in the Foreigners Registry) or be recognized as a stateless person or as a refugee.
- Lack enough income and be incapable of getting some all by yourself
- Be willing to work (except for health or equity reasons).

To be entitled to social assistance, you need to:

- Prove your needs and legal stay in Belgium; abide by resources conditions and some supplementary conditions required by the CPAS (Public Centre for Community Action).
- Foreigners who are registered in the Foreigners Registry as well as minors are only entitled to social assistance.

  • Sequence of the petition

During the first interview the social worker will consider your request, explain your rights and duties and help you find the solutions that are most appropriate to your situation.

He/She will make a social inquiry to check if you fulfill the conditions for financial aid grants. At the end of the interview you will be given an acknowledgement of receipt (proof of your request for aid). A domicile visit can complete the consideration of your social situation. The CPAS (Public Center for Community Action) will decide on your request within 30 days and inform you within next 8 days by recommended letter(= notification).

If you don’t agree with this decision, you can appeal to the Labor Court within 3 months. You can get free legal assistance from a Legal Assistance Office lawyer.

  • Are you a full-time student?

The required conditions are the same as for the other beneficiaries. But you will have to meet other requirements: asserting entitlement to possible school allowances, undertaking necessary steps in order to get family allowances and/or alimony payment from your parents in case of breach of contract, being willing to work under the terms of a student contract during school holidays.

The competent CPAS lies in the municipality where you are domiciled. The CPAS can provide you with financial support to cover your tuition fees (registration fees, transportation costs...). If you are under 25 you will have to sign a social integration contract and abide by its goals and deadlines to be entitled to social integration allowances.

For any further information, browse the following websites: Administration/CPAS (Administration/ Public Centre for Community Action) or d'INFOR-JEUNES LUXEMBOURG. (Information for Youngsters in Luxembourg)

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