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Municipal Council
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Municipal Council


  • The Council discusses and decides on the broad political guidelines for the municipal jurisdiction. It votes on the ways and means budget and appoints the municipal staff. The Council generally holds a public sitting once a week.

  • The number of councillors varies according to the municipal population.
    There are 15 councillors in Hotton.
  • The Municipal Council also elects the Aldermen from among its members and nominates the Burgomaster.
    The Burgomaster and the Aldermen constitute what is called the MUNICIPAL COLLEGE.
  • The Council adopts decisions by absolute majority, which requires that more than half of all the councillors must vote in favour of a proposition in order for it to be passed.
  • The current Municipal Council was elected for a six-year term on October 8th, 2000. It has been effective since January 1st 2001.
  • All the councillors are your representatives. Their role is to listen to you and to help you.
    Don’t hesitate to contact them
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